Since launching in 2006, Hawksmoor has become synonymous with perfectly cooked steak, exquisite cocktails and brooding, 1930’s glamour. True to form, its Air Street site which opened back in 2012 is located in an atmospheric Art-Deco room overlooking Regent Street, with a menu that is equally weighted between steak and seafood. Owners Huw Gott and Will Becket joined forces with renowned seafood chef Mitch Tonks to ‘mastermind the fish side of things’, ensuring only the freshest seafood direct from Brixham market in Devon makes it to Hawksmoor’s charcoal ovens. Since designing and installing the HVAC system for Air Street, we’ve gone on to help Hawksmoor open in Knightsbridge and Manchester, the group’s first site outside London.

“If a city gets the restaurants it deserves then London has clearly been a very good girl of late. Hawksmoor, Air Street is everything you would want it to be and quite a bit more.”

Jay Rayner Observer
Art Deco Design

Designers Macaulay Sinclair have created a grand art-deco bar and restaurant, complete with bespoke stained glass arched windows, sumptuous green leather upholstery and reclaimed antique elevator doors to divide the long, narrow space. Our air conditioning systems are seamlessly integrated into the curved ceilings, and the supply and extract are precisely balanced to maintain the perfect cool, fresh environment in this behemoth of a room.

Out of the Frying Pan

Hawksmoor uses top-of-the-range charcoal ovens to create that wonderfully rich and smoky flavour. Live fuel or open flame cooking is fantastic for imparting flavour, but it can be tricky to ventilate as he slightest change in air flow or temperature can be the difference between perfectly charred and downright burned.¬†With Hawksmoor’s kitchen located downstairs and in a fairly confined space, we had to make sure our extract system would keep the chefs cool, efficiently remove pollutants and convective heat, and cope with such an aggressive cooking style.

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