It all started off when Giuseppe Mascoli took over former pizza restaurant named Franco’s in Brixton. Franco Manca, which means ‘Frank’s Missing’ in Italian, is a restaurant that dedicates itself to making authentic Neapolitan pizza, abiding by a strict cooking style in order to make sure pizzas are cooked to perfection. Ingredients are fresh, sourced from all around Europe to ensure nothing but the best produce is used on the pizzas; the sourdough is carefully kneaded and left to rise for 20 hours; and finally, pizzas are cooked in a wood burning brick oven for just 40 seconds. The carefully crafted menu consists of six pizzas which are prepared and cooked in front of you, and an extensive wine list.

Frank's Missing

For five weeks, we worked closely with Franco Manca. The central hub of all Franco Manca restaurants is the wood-fire oven, as it is a vital feature for making an authentic pizza. The oven is designed with specific dimensions to cope with temperatures over 500 °C, so that the pizza cooks without burning. With the oven producing such intense heat, it was absolutely necessary to have a high level of specialist knowledge and extraction to cope with this cooking style.The main part of the job was the installation of the twin stainless steel flue, which will extract the air from the wood fired pizza oven. We also had to install a Flue Dilution Fan to comply with regulations. With the help of Metz Construction, we were able to finish the site in the given time frame, giving Franco Manca time to fire up their pizza oven (a 10 day process as they have to build the heat up very slowly to prevent the casing from cracking!)