Since 2010, we have worked closely with Raymond Blanc’s French casual restaurant chain, Brasserie Blanc. The menu, inspired by his mother’s cooking, provides accessible, unpretentious French food using sustainable, high quality ingredients, and includes snails, steak-frites and an extensive French wine list sourced directly from the producer. The décor in all restaurants comprises of candles, tablecloths, paintings of key ingredients used on the menu and wood finishes.

“We have worked on a number of Brasserie Blanc sites and the one in Beaconsfield is one of my favourites. The new extension at the rear of the restaurant is light and airy and has a beautiful vaulted ceiling about five metres high or so. This is a must see site.”

Mark Manning Project Manager
Waste not, want not

Raymond Blanc is the champion of organic and sustainable food in the UK and is the first president of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). Sustainability is very important to us too. Being the first HVAC contractor to be listed on the SRA’s approved supplier directory, we have a lot in common with Brasserie Blanc’s sustainable ethos. Over the years, we have installed our Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) and Ultra-Violet (UV) filtration systems in various Brasserie Blanc restaurants, most recently Brasserie Blanc Beaconsfield. These two systems combined work effectively and efficiently, sending almost zero waste to landfill and significantly reducing service intervals making them the most sustainable systems on the market today.

The Portfolio

We have worked on a broad spectrum of jobs with Brasserie Blanc, from small refurbishments and site alterations to entire HVAC solutions, but our aim remains the same no matter what the location, and that is to leave the restaurant with nothing but clean and cool air. Part of Brasserie Blanc’s design scheme is also to choose iconic and unique sites, which means each job for us is very different and can present a wide variety of challenges, from eliminating the chance of smoke spilling out of theatre style kitchens and into the restaurant itself, to ensuring that we can fit our plant room into the tightest of spaces.

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