Jamie Oliver calls on restaurants to impose sugary drinks tax.

Jamie Oliver and campaign group Sustain have launched a Children’s Health fund to encourage restaurants and cafes to impose a tax on sugary drinks. Earlier this year the celebrity chef made headlines when he imposed a 10p tax on sugary drinks at all Jamie’s UK restaurants, and is now encouraging other businesses to follow in his footsteps. Healthy restaurant chains Leon and Abokado have already joined the campaign with other restaurants expected to follow. In time, Jamie Oliver hopes that the UK government will introduce a tax on these drinks nationwide. It is believed that if this tax were introduced an additional £1bn could be raised each year – money which would be used to tackle childhood obesity and diet related diseases such as type-2 diabetes. Jamie Oliver said: “One doctor recently told me that diet-related disease is one of the defining crises of our time. We need the government to step up”.

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