Our job doesn’t end at handover. That’s why we have a dedicated maintenance team of engineers, project managers and call handlers available 24/7.

HVAC systems require regular, high-quality maintenance to keep them running at their best. And, should your system go down – whatever the reason – you need to know that someone will be there pretty sharpish to fix it.

Our dedicated maintenance team currently looks after in excess of 1000 restaurants across the UK. We have trained call handlers, engineers and project managers available 24 hours a day to help you manage your HVAC system effectively, and support you should anything go wrong.

We specialise in providing both reactive maintenance and planned service agreements tailored to your specific needs. No two restaurants are the same – a burger restaurant, for example, is likely to need significantly more servicing, maintenance and duct cleaning than a salad bar, purely because of the amount of grease, smoke and odour generated by this high-intensity cooking. We will work out the best servicing agreement for you, and help you keep on top of it.